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week 4-art experience – authenticity vlog

1. My goal with this video was just to be myself and answer some questions.

2. I accomplished my goal because I was completely myself and unstressed and not trying to put on any persona.

3. I would do it a little earlier next time, the upload takes longer than I thought it would.

4. I might vlog again if I found a topic I thought was interesting and entertaining enough that I’m passionate about.

5. Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean X is my favorite youtuber because he really is a fitness expert and puts out incredible high quality content.

6. He puts great content out for free with the simple goal of helping people.

7. lessons I could take from him are to be knowledgeable and experienced about what I’d post about, and to be myself, just like he is himself in all of his videos, he’s just a normal guy.

8. authenticity is so simple, it’s just not trying to be anything you’re not or put on a persona and out out a false sense of self. it’s just being yourself.

9. performance is as simple as doing something, it could be for an audience, or might not.

10. authenticity and performance are not opposites and can be done together. you can perform well at something while still being yourself.

11. I think both clips are inauthentic. even the clip of Jeniffer Aniston’s interview from home is trying to put on a tone of authenticity, it still doesn’t feel completely authentic. Although I admit it has a more authentic feel than the studio interview, it still feels a bit forced.

my vlog link on Vimeo:


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