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week 4-art experience – authenticity vlog

1. My goal with this video was just to be myself and answer some questions. 2. I accomplished my goal because I was completely myself and unstressed and not trying to put on any persona. 3. I would do it a little earlier next time, the upload takes longer than I thought it would. 4.Continue reading “week 4-art experience – authenticity vlog”

Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Sofia Grecco

Artist: Sofia GreccoExhibition: Lucky Places for a GraveMedia: watercolorGallery: Dr. Maxin Merlino GalleryWebsite: N/AInstagram: @Sofiagrecco_art Sofia Grecco is a senior in CSULB’s Bachelors of Fine Arts – Illustration program. In this gallery, she worked with another artist to create a collection of stories that integrated fairy tales and Jewish themed narratives that she would have liked to see growing up.Continue reading “Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Sofia Grecco”

Wk 8 – Art Activity – Writing a Romantic Pop Song

Lyrics: when you walked into the class, and the hours came to pass sitting next to me, I felt the rush and with the quarantine, I know social distancing, time was running low I had to make my move, or forever hold my tongue. [chorus] would you be down to get some boba some time?Continue reading “Wk 8 – Art Activity – Writing a Romantic Pop Song”

Wk 7 – Art Activity – Counterfactual Identity

I cannot upload the photos for this activity because my phone is broken as of posting this and will not turn on and my photos are not backed up to the cloud 😦 so I will be as descriptive as possible in my post to try to make up for it 🙂 What I didContinue reading “Wk 7 – Art Activity – Counterfactual Identity”

Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Kelsey Steuernagel

Artist: Kelsey SteuernagelExhibition: AdelaideMedia: digital paintings/ illustrationsGallery: LBSU School of Art, Gatov Gallery EastWebsite: N/AInstagram: @kelseynoelart Kelsey Steuernagel is a senior student in CSULB’s BFA Preproduction program. In this gallery, she worked with other artists to create a collection of Wild-West-meets-Fantasy themed art installations and highlight a lot of the overlapping elements in these larger-than-life ideas. Kelsey’s piece, titled “Adelaide,”Continue reading “Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Kelsey Steuernagel”

Wk 6 – Art Discussion – Shocking Art

I chose this idea for two reasons. The first reason being the touchy topic of suicide which can be interpreted through this picture, as well as uncertainty as to whether or not this happened on purpose. The second reason I chose this idea is for the personal entertainment of using an illustrative pun. This week’sContinue reading “Wk 6 – Art Discussion – Shocking Art”

Wk 5 – art experience – storytelling (photography)

I chose this story because snowboarding at Mount Baldi is one of my and my friends’ favorite activities, and we had been planning this day for a couple weeks. I did better than normal. Being an intermediate snowboarder, I have plenty of improving to do and I enjoy it every step of the way. IContinue reading “Wk 5 – art experience – storytelling (photography)”

Wk 4 – artist conversation – Amanda Quinlan

Artist: Amanda QuinlanExhibition: FogMedia:  Mixed- Media, PhotographyGallery: LBSU School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery EastWebsite: amandaquinlan.comInstagram: @anamandaquinlan Amanda Quinlan is an undergraduate student in the CSULB School of Art. She is in the Photography program. Amanda’s work consisted of straightforward photography, but also included interestingly adapted prints from the ink of polaroid film in a process I didn’tContinue reading “Wk 4 – artist conversation – Amanda Quinlan”

Wk 4 – art experience – drinking (Robeks) and drawing

Due to issues uploading multiple images in the same post, I have put all four sketches into the same picture. Sketching for me is relaxing, yet I do not have a lot of time to sit down and doit for fun. I think that if I practiced this consistently I would get significantly better atContinue reading “Wk 4 – art experience – drinking (Robeks) and drawing”